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Alexandra Busheva

Alexandra is a dynamic co-founder of Stage Pixel, blending her extensive experience in the entertainment industry with her passion for technology and creativity.


She is currently working as a project manager and associate producer for several productions, where her expertise spans across strategic bookings, tour organisation, and a comprehensive understanding of the theatre production business - encompassing marketing, general management, and operations.

Prior to her venture into the business side of entertainment, Alexandra achieved remarkable success in the world of dance. A multiple champion in Latin American ballroom dancing, she was the principal dancer of the acclaimed Broadway production “Burn the Floor”, where she showcased her talent in prestigious venues including the Sydney Opera House and on international tours.

In addition to her dancing prowess, Alexandra has trained in acting at the Margie Haber Studio in Hollywood, California. She is also advancing her knowledge in sports business and management through an executive MBA program at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alexandra Busheva
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