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Human Technology Productions

The Future of Theatre

StagePixel is excited to offer your existing venue a new attention-grabbing attraction in the form of an Immersive Digital Theatre Dance Production, a first-of-its-kind, 360 degree, digital theatre that will define a new entertainment category of experimental immersive storytelling by seamlessly blending the real and the imaginary in an elegant and abstract fusion of light and sound woven together with the movements of world class dancers, actors and artists.

Meet the Team

Dance & Theatre Experience

Dreamlaser is a world leader in innovative use of multimedia technologies.

Since 2005, Dreamlaser has acquired the expertise to enable full-cycle in-house production from the creative concept and content production through to technical realisation with their own equipment and industry-leading engineers.

Our Services

Whilst the team at StagePixel works tirelessly to raise funds to build out a permanent digital theatre, the company offers a range of services that will enable your brand to wow its customers and clients through an immersive display of light and sound coupled with live performances. We want your brand's story to be remembered. 

Our services include:

Advertising Campaigns

Product Launches

Corporate Events

Wedding Ceremonies

VIP and Luxury Events

Concerts & Theatre Productions





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